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Hi there Honeycomb Bride! You guys know that my couples have my heart and soul, but when a long time friend of mine asked me to take his sibling’s portrait as a Christmas gift to their mom – you know that I jumped at the chance! Read more to see the Massie Family’s November 2017 session!

Its no secret that as a photographer, there are certain groups of people that are just intimidating to photograph. A short look at that list for me is:

  • 10+ people in family portraits
  • Infants and newborns
  • Other creatives, like photographers and videographers
  • Adult or Preteen siblings during family sessions
  • Personal vacation photos (I know, I’m crazy!)
  • My own loved ones, friends or family

For some reason, the people on that list just make me feel jittery as I sit in my car before our session starts! I know that I can deliver a great session for all of those groups of people but the importance of doing well weighs on me beforehand. Confession: I’ll even save inspiration photos on my phone in case I completely blank so that I have something to fall back on and get myself back into gear. So imagine the mix of excitement, gratitude, and fear that swirled around in my head when Jacob reached out to me about doing this session with his siblings!

On one hand, Jacob and his siblings being willing to hire me told me that they believed that I was a worthwhile photographer. When he called me, I was wrestling with the dream of being a full time photographer and wasn’t quite sure that I believed it would work. (Sure I love it but can I live off of it?!) He was the first friend of mine to set up a session and not blink at the price, and my heart still grows three sizes out of gratitude for that vote of confidence from a close friend. On the day of the session, we played phone tag at Sweet Briar College to pick a meeting spot and then caught up for a few minutes as we waited for everyone to arrive. Want to hear another embarrassing confession about this session? Jacob and I have been friends for years, and while setting the session up he had mentioned that it would be himself, Josh and Nikki. I had automatically assumed that Josh was Nikki’s fiance but as it turns out … Jacob secretly had an older brother! (And by secretly I mean this is common knowledge to everyone but me.) Needless to say, that awkward assumption made it easy to make these three laugh through their session!


Enough stories from me though, scroll on down and take a peek at their session! If you needed another vote of confidence from it, reports say that their mom cried after opening the canvas that these three had made as her Christmas present.

PS. Hey Jacob! Thanks for the support, even from the beginning.

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